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Enabling Safe Water Access

FREE of Viruses and Bacteria

The biggest breakthrough in water sanitization in decades!!!

Enabling Safe Water Access for Everyone

Making Safe Water available Everywhere

Preparing for the expected challenges from climate change

Providing responsible industrial water-utilization solutions

We are currently developing disruptive Plasma Water Sanitization solutions for several industries. If you are interested in discussing how Plasma Sanitized Water could benefit your company, please

Enabling Safe Water Access for Everyone

PLASMA WATERS has implemented Safe Water Projects with major global corporations, aligned with our principle of Innovation with Purpose.

Our technology has already been validated in multiple installations in Chile and Kenya. Others are scheduled for implementation in India in Q1 2022.


Enabling Food Supply Abundance by Empowering Sustainable Agriculture

A natural solution to increase food productivity

Replacing the damaging impact from pesticides and fertilizers with a natural alternative

Accelerating plants growth and development, enhancing nutritious content and taste

Allowing fruit ripening before harvesting to preserve its nutritious content

Reducing food waste by extending produce’s freshness during distribution, in the store and at home

We are currently working on field validation and are scheduling new trials for Q1 2022. If you are interested in participating in these trials, please

Key Advantages for Agriculture & Horticulture

1. Accelerating Plants Growth and Development

2. Improving Abiotic Stress Tolerance and Disease Resistance

3. Enhancing Freshness and Longevity after harvest and during distribution


Making Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring Possible in Every Setting

The first ever solution to determine water quality in real-time

Ensuring drinking water quality from reservoir to faucet —Water Security

A new quality control standard for industrial processes

A unique tool for water usage optimization in industrial processes

Enabling sustainable wastewater management strategies

We are currently developing multiple disruptive solutions for several industries. If you are interested in discussing how Plasma Spectral Analysis could benefit your company, please

Real-time Water Quality Monitoring

PLASMA WATERS breakthrough enabling technology allows monitoring water quality in real time for multiple applications, such as industrial processes, defense & security, agriculture and many others.

Our Plasma technology has a unique capability that enables solving these challenges for the first time ever.

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